How many British Gas employees does it take to change a flue?

This isn’t a joke.

How many British Gas employees does it take to change a flue?

The short answer is roughly 14 but, even if you have paid British Gas for insurance and are covered for the work, you’d be unwise to believe they’ll honour their obligations.

In my case, here’s the breakdown:

One engineer to tell you that the flue you need is obsolete and you’ll need to buy a new boiler instead

One senior engineer to reluctantly confirm that the flue you sourced from their THEIR supplier is the correct part after all

One engineer to tell you that you’ll need to arrange scaffolding

One  customer services’ agent to advise that your British Gas Insurance policy doesn’t cover scaffolding and that you’ll need to pay for that yourself

One miscellaneous employee to keep you on hold for an hour whilst you query the above

One senior engineer to reluctantly confirm that your insurance policy does cover scaffolding after all

One customer services’ agent to promise the right person will call you straight back

One right person to not call you straight back

One engineer to inform you that even with scaffolding British Gas will not be able to use it for health and safety reasons but that scaffolding / health and safety will cease to be an issue if you pay them a few thousand pounds to install a new boiler and flue instead

One resolutions’ manager to ask you to call him back on his day off

One team leader to tell you that your boiler is out with the age range of the boiler replacement section of the policy terms even though they have taken your policy payments every month since 1992

One services’ manager to offer apologies “for the dis-satisfaction you have expressed.”

If they do send someone out, expect them at some point between 8 am and 6 pm but, if the employee has other priorities, don’t expect to be warned that they won’t be coming. Instead, whilst you sit at home waiting, they will claim that they tried to visit and that you were out when they called (which I’ve experienced twice in the past 12 months).

Maybe I have unrealistic expectations.

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